Sydney Home of the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

Our journey began in 1994 with the arrival of Rocky (Larnook Tiddlywinks) to join our young family. The decision to start breeding Wheatens was a simple one, stemming from a desire to promote this fabulous breed in Australia. Our emphasis is on health, temperament and genetic diversity.

Druidsglen began in 2006 when we welcomed our foundation bitch Chili (Dancestar Eureka Cha Cha) into our home. Chili and her progeny have produced some excellent offspring that have enjoyed success in the show ring, as well as joining many happy families mostly based in Sydney. We all keep in touch and most of our puppies go to homes based of word of mouth from other owners of Druidsglen offspring.

Our breeding program is small and select, with a litter produced on an average of every 2nd year. The puppies are raised in our home and socialised with their siblings, mother, and our family until they leave us at about 8 weeks minimum age. This allows us time to observe the pups and match their temperaments to their new family environment. There is a waiting list, but puppy inquiries are always welcome. Please feel free to contact us.