Four years ago we purchased a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier from Druidsglen Wheaten Terriers. We were able to visit the pups several times and Gillian got to know our family and chose the right puppy for us. Gillian was a great source of information with handy hints on how to raise a puppy.

The fact that Wheatens don’t shed or smell is such a bonus, but what we love most about Teddy is his temperament. He is loyal and happy in nature. He is a valuable member of our family and everyone in our neighbourhood loves him too.  Teddy comes everywhere with us – the boys’ rugby and cricket games, holidays at the beach, camping etc.

We adore Teddy so much we have put our name on the list for another puppy and look forward to having a little sister or brother for Teddy soon.

Jackie Harding

Hi Gillian,

I just wanted to let you know how totally in love we all are with our
beautiful Roy Nash. I think you know him as Spud. He’s settled in so
quickly and I’m probably biased, but he’s a perfect Wheaten.

It’s obvious he’s been loved and nurtured by you all which I’m sure
is why he’s been able to trust and bond with us so easily. He’s such
a happy bloke.I promise he will be our pride and joy for his long life.  I’m so happy to be a mum of a Wheaten Terrier again.

Thanks for loving him.

Janet Nash

“First puppy class last Sunday which was a blast and went well. Fergus was outstanding yet Sue is accusing me of being too puppy proud! He’s an amazing dog – full of life, humour and would has to guess that he’s at least doubled in size. Pretty smart too!!”

Geoff Greenwood

We are having a lovely time with our Wheaten puppy now aged nine months. She is very happy and popular with our family and friends and other dogs. She seems confident and not too dependent on us. She is gentle with the grandchildren and doesn’t mind being left alone when we go out. She almost never barks which is good as every other dog in our street barks and we are glad not to be contributing to that noise. She has been to puppy school and is reasonably reliable on basic commands. We plan to go to more training once the covid situation eases. We wanted a companion and she is certainly that and more. We love her and have highly recommended Druidsglen to everyone who asks about her breeder, and there have been many wherever we go.

Margaret Watt